Mountain Lake/Mt Constitution Loop

Park: Moran State Park

10.7 km loop.

Terrain: Moderately gentle
Elevations (in meters)
Start: 279End: 279
Minimum: 279Maximum: 734
Net Gain: 455Cumulative Gain: 455

Mountain Lake Ranger Station Trailhead:

Facilities available at the trailhead include:


Dayhike3 boot (moderate).  


This trail is a combination of several trail segments within Moran State Park. These segments form a loop starting and ending at Mountain Lake. The trail first climbs in the forest to a junction with the Little Summit trail, turn left to go to Little Summit (approximate elevation 620m). You will come to a T junction, go left to Little Summit (the right fork leads to the parking area on the road). Re-trace your steps to the junction with the trail from Mountain Lake and continue climbing. You will soon come to an overlook providing your first taste of the views to come. Continue climbing to the summit of Mt Constitution (make sure you climb the tower for the best views). There are picnic tables at the summit if you want to stop there for lunch.

The return portion of the route utilizes the trail to Twin Lakes and then descends to Mountain Lake and back to the trailhead via a portion of the Mountain Lake Loop trail. The initial portion of the trail is quite steep.


This trail features forests, lakes and views.


Water is not available anywhere on the route. The lake water is not potable.

Last hiked:June 29, 2008

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