Mt Arrowsmith via Judges Route

Park: Mt Arrowsmith Regional Park


Alberni Inlet - 92 F/2

Terrain: Rough
Elevations (in meters)
Start: 780End: 1817
Minimum: 780Maximum: 1819
Net Gain: 1039Cumulative Gain: 1039

Judges Route Trailhead: (100 km from Saanich Hall, 13 km on logging roads, 4wd recommended). Turn off the highway onto the road leading to the Mt. Arrowsmith Ski Area (about 10 minutes past Cathedral Grove). Note odometer reading.

2.4 km - Go left at fork.

10.3 km - Go left at intersection (small sign says "Ski" and "Pass" on tree).

To the right is Labour Day lake, Minnas Ridge and Mt. Moriarty.

13.2 km - Small clearing on left - Park here. (elevation is about 780 metres)


Dayhike4 boot (moderate to strenuous).3.5 hours one way. 


The trail starts on an old road on the other side of the road about 20 metres before the parking spot. At the end of the road, go left past the old campfire. After about 20 minutes on the near the end of the old road (elevation 975 m), turn left at the flagging into the trees where the trail starts.

The trail is pretty much straight up and in the trees for the first part. There is a lot of flagging on the trails in this area but keep going up on a route and should work your way onto the main route. Although consistently steep, there is little scrambling until near the top. Even here it is quite minor.

At about the 1230 metre level, there is a small clearing on a small bluff to the right that is a good break stop. There is another one just beyond this as well.

- At the top is a cairn with a comment book to write your name.

- There is a good 360 degree view from the top: Mt. Baker, mountains in Strathcona, the Georgia Strait, Olympic Mountains.

- The trees disappear at about the 1350 metre level, so the last 40% or so is in the open.

- This route is also described in Hiking Trails II, Seventh Edition Pages 80 to 83.

Notes: Since the above description was written part of the lower trail has been rerouted to avoid a heavily eroded area and the middle portion has been switchbacked. As well the trail was flagged in green/orange ribbons.


This trail features forests, mountains and views.



While physically demanding, there are no overly exposed or dangerous sections.

Trail maintenance was done on the trial on July 24, 1999 by a combination of members from the ACC, Alberni Valley Outdoors Club, Tuesday Walkers of Port Alberni and District 69 parks. Thanks to one and all from Victoria Club Tread!


There are no places to obtain water en route.

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