Mt Albert Edward and Jutland Mountain

Park: Strathcona Provincial Park, Forbidden Plateau region


Elevations (in meters)
Start: 1159End: 2094
Minimum: 1159Maximum: 2094
Net Gain: 935Cumulative Gain: 


This trail is reached via the Circlet Lake trail.


DayhikeUnrated(attached to Circlet Lake).  


Note: The rating and description in this page assume you have backpacked into Circlet Lakeprior to starting the trail, this is not a guide to hike Mt Albert Edward from the parking lot at Mt Washington.

From Circlet Lake head west, climbing a steep slope (the worst scrambling of the trip). Continue along following the trail until you reach the ridge where you follow the cairns up, on the return portion hike past the point where you would descend to the plateau leading back to Circlet Lake, climb through Jutland Meadows and climb to the summit of Jutland Mountain.


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